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How to select your prepaid images


Now that you received a notification that your gallery is live, you are probably wondering how to select your favorite images without paying again. This is a simple process, and here you'll find the step-by-step instructions to get it right. 


Step 1: Locate your access code  

At this point, you should have received an email with a private access code. If you didn't please request it to and we'll respond within 24 hours on weekdays. 



Step 2: Enter the gallery

Click on the link you received via email and enter the gallery using your access code to open the album. (You can also go to the gallery here


Step 3: Select a package 

Once you are inside the gallery, you'll be able to preview the images in the Overview section. After clicking on "Order Photos" it will take you to the packages that we offer. Select the package that you would like to get (it can be the one you prepaid, or, if you'd like to get more images, you can select a bigger one). 



Step 4: Select your favorite images

After clicking on a package, click on "Choose Photos". You will be able to choose the images that you like the most in the 4 different sizes that we have (in the case of printed packages). For digital packages, it will let you select the images that you want to download. 

After your selection is made, click on "Add to Cart". 

Optional step: Individual Products

After you add the package to your cart, you will be able to access the Individual Products section. This is where you can select the class image (if available), individual images in digital format, individual prints, keychains, coffee mugs, canvas wraps, and much more! 


Step 5: Redeem your prepaid amount

After you are ready to complete your selection, go to your shopping cart and confirm that you have everything you want in there. This is where you can adjust the cropping of your printed images, so make sure to confirm the red square is placed where you want it. 

Remember your access code? You will need to use it again in this step. 

If you prepaid, your access code will work as a coupon code as well.  You need to enter it under the "Do you have a coupon code?" field and click on Apply. This should take away your prepaid amount from the total amount. 



Step 6: Proceed to checkout 

After applying your code, click on Proceed to Checkout and follow the remaining steps. After that's done, the process will be finished! 🎉

If you selected standard shipping, the pictures will be sent to your child's school in 10-12 days. Home shipping orders will be sent to production, and once they are shipped you will receive a postage notification with your tracking number.